Other Public Notices & Custom Payment Option

Go to the bottom of this page to make a payment. #1. Please email the exact text to be published to legals@thevalleychronicle.com Or Fax to (951) 652-4009. Our deadline is 7 PM Wednesday for Thursday’s edition, but please try to get this to us 1-2 days earlier. #2. Within 1-2 business days we will contact you with a price. Please note that we guarantee the lowest price. Please pay by credit or debit card below. Process.
  1. Riverside County: TVC newspaper is adjudicated with Riverside County. We can only accept notices from the areas that fall under Riverside county (i.e. Hemet, San Jacinto, Menifee, Palm Springs, Murrieta etc).
  2. Publication: Weekly
  3. Newspaper Publication day: Thursday
  4. Communication Channel: We received public/legal notices through email legals@thevalleychronicle Or Fax to (951) 652-4009.
  5. Submission Deadline for Notices: 7pm Wednesday.
  6. Proof of Publication (Affidavit):
    1. Once the notices will complete their publication dates then the production team will get the proof of publication ready for the customer on every Thursday and send the affidavit to the next level for the signature.
    2. The concerned person will sign all the proof of publications and send scanned copies back to the production team and to the customers and also a copy to the county (depends upon the type of affidavit).
  1. FBN: FBN copy will directly go to the County for the registration.
    1. Once we get the registered affidavit back from the county will send an email copy to the production team and a copy to the customer mailing address.
  2. Name change: Will send a signed affidavit copy to the customer and one copy to the county clerk office where the hearing is scheduled.
Storage Unit Abandonment, Abandonment of Personal property by Tenant, Notice of Petition to Administer Estate, Publication of Summons or Citation and Order, Notice of Lien Sale, Notice of Trustee’s Sale: Will send these signed affidavit directly on the mailing address.