Long Drive Returns To Mesquite

It was a great run for tour professional Bryson DeChambeau last week at the Long Drivers Association Championship event held in Mesquite.

DeChambeau navigated through the maze of competitors to reach the final eight in the contest. But in the end, it was his friend Kyle Berkshire who came out on top of the contest.

Long Drivers from all over the planet came to Mesquite to test their mettle. A total of 128 athletes began the journey on Tuesday, Sept. 28 and only two remained standing on Friday, October 1.

The final day began with 16 competitors in the open division vying to move on to the semifinals and finals. Groups of four battled for points to determine the final eight.

DeChambeau of course had the media attention plus amazing fan support from the huge crowd. Competitors had six shots in five sets with points awarded for winning and placing in each group. Eight competitors moved on including DeChambeau, who had to win his last set to have any chance to advance.

DeChambeau brought the crowd to a roar with a massive 406 yard bomb to start his set. His consistency was amazing as he hit the grid on five of his six balls. His shortest drive was 385 yards.

Despite this drive, German Martin Borgmeir went out 416 yards on his first attempt to win the set.
DeChambeau managed only two in the grid on his second set, his longest out 386 yards.

DeChambeau recovered his game in the third set with five balls hitting the grid. Three of his shots were 400 yards or better as his consistency on the PGA Tour showed.

Competitor Colton Casto had only one shot in the grid but it was for 404 yards, one better than DeChambeau.

DeChambeau had four balls within the grid in his fourth set, the longest at 396 yards. Borgmeir won the set with a massive 412-yard shot.

Returning Champion Kyle Berkshire followed with a 410 yard shot of his own. DeChambeau found himself with his back against the wall as he needed the winning 200 points for the fifth set to advance to the elite eight. DeChambeau did not disappoint the crowd with a 394-yard shot to win the set and advance.

DeChambeau faced off against, Borgmeir, Justin James, and Colton Casto to begin the round. James had only one shot in the grid but at 403 yards it was good enough for the win. Borgmeir hit a 397-yard shot to beat DeChambeau by six yards to advance to the final four.

DeChambeau tipped his hat thanked the crowd and graciously departed the competition. Kyle Berkshire with one drive of 409 yards in the grid advanced along with Bryce Verplank.

It was time for the big Dogs to show their stuff in the final four. Berkshire went for 425 yards followed by James at 418 yards. Berkshire retained his Championship with three shots over 420 yards including the winning 422 yarders.

Earlier in the day Kanani Lodge defeated Mongolia’s Mai Dechathipat 332-324 yards to win the women’s competition. Two old pro’s vied in the Seniors Championship with Canadian Jeff Gavin beating David Mobley by 21 inches at 361 yards to 360.

DeChambeau commented after the competition that he hoped his schedule would allow him to compete again.

Of all the competitors the results of the day were, DeChambeau hit the grid more than any competitor. But in the end the winners only needed to keep one in for the win.