Cancer Help Society Receives Check From Fire Dept. Fundraiser

The Mesquite Department of Fire and Rescue presented a check for $8,411.76 to the Mesquite Cancer Help Society during a meeting of the City Council held Tuesday, Nov. 9.

Mesquite Fire Chief Jayson Andrus explained that the money came from a recent fundraiser held by the department.
“During the month of October, the fire department sells T-shirts for our community,” Andrus said. “All of the proceeds from those sales go to the Mesquite Cancer Help Society.”

Andrus expressed gratitude to Mesquite Cancer and Help Society President and founder Yoli Bell who helped coordinate the fundraiser. He also thanked local firefighter Norm Nielson for leading the effort within the department.

“Most of all, we want to thank our community for supporting this fundraiser,” Andrus said. “That $8,000 will go a long way to help our local citizens who are battling cancer.”

Accepting the check was Yoli Bell. She said that with the COVID pandemic over the past year and a half, fundraising had been a challenge. “It is like people have been in hiding,” she said. “So this fundraiser is extremely important to us.”

Bell expressed appreciation to the city and to local businesses for supporting the fundraiser.
“I especially want to thank Fire and Rescue because it is not like they don’t have enough to do already with the city growing like it is,” Bell said. “I know that they make special time for this and we are truly humbled and very grateful.”

For more information about Mesquite Cancer Help Society call 702-346-0622 or visit the Society’s office at 150 N. Yucca St. #36 in Mesquite.