Al Litman is Mayor of  Mesquite.

Al Litman is Mayor of  Mesquite.

Well, Mesquite is starting back on the road to normality. I don’t think I’m wrong. As I write this article today, the mask issue is still confusing, but by the time you read this it should be pretty much gone.

Mesquite residents have done an excellent job in getting their vaccinations and our COVID-19 count is at it’s lowest point in a year.

One of the things that lead me to believe we are well on the way to recovery is the number of jobs that are available in Mesquite. We have a Job Fair at our visitor’s center on June 11 from 8 a.m.- noon that should be a success.

Mesquite has a number of projects in the works that will bring even more demand for employees in the coming year.

One very interesting project is the Bark Canine Club that is a very special place for your pet. I’ve been told it will be Mesquite’s version of a luxury resort for dogs. Right know they are located in the Brickyard Shopping Center while the resort is being built in our Industrial Park. It will be on a 14- acre site and should have a number of great job openings.

Recently I have been told that Chipolte will be building in Mesquite over by the new Panda Express and the MacDonald’s.

Of course, if you love coffee, we are getting a Binny Bean Espresso over on Sandhill Boulevard in the near future.

With all the new construction, we need affordable workforce housing. I recently signed the paperwork for affordable housing to be built over on Hafen Lane, close to the Veterans’ Center.

These apartments are badly needed in Mesquite and hopefully many more will be built. Mesquite is in the same boat as many communities in our country right now.

Affordable housing is a must if we are to thrive as a city. With lumber and other building materials at an all-time high this will be a difficult task, but we can do it. I’ll have more details on this and many others projects in the very near future.

And speaking of what’s going on in Mesquite, I’m exploring doing a monthly video with guests and questions and answers to better keep our residents up to date with a range of topics.

There will be no cost to our taxpayers and nothing political in any way. Just updates on local government, business, and events.