Notrevo Productions Holds First MV Film Festival


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The first ever Moapa Valley film festival took place on Friday, July 30 at the Old Logandale School. More than 100 people attended, gathering in the auditorium of the building for the screening of the original films produced earlier this year by the local Notrevo Productions and the Moapa Valley High School Theater Department

A large local audience attended the Moapa Valley Film Festival put on by Notrevo Productions on Friday night. Shown here is a screening of the MVHS Theatre Department production of “The Complaint Room”.


The festival included two different screenings: one at 5:00 pm and the other at 8:00 pm.
“It was wonderful to have so many come,” said Notrevo Productions Director and Moapa Valley Community Theater (MVCT) President, Kenna Higgins. “I am excited to see everyone come and enjoy the films.”

Several short films were featured at each of the screenings.

The first was a short film by Notrevo and adapted for screenplay by Higgins entitled “The Velvet Ribbon”. It was a fun and energetic movie about a group of people telling a scary stories around the campfire. Though at times it seemed familiar as a typical campfire story, the cinematography and production was excellent.

It meant more to audience members as they could see their friends and associates in the film.
The next movie was a longer film with screenplay written by Logandale resident Kim Hardy. Entitled “Benched,” the script was well written and the storyline was engaging. It had elements of drama, life lessons, sorrow, humor, and really highlighted the humanity of real and relatable characters.

It featured a park bench and all the action that takes place around it, encompassing multiple characters with every-day experiences of both happiness and sadness. One memorable role was that of Craig Higgins who played the role of a homeless park squatter. His portrayal brought laughs to the audience, but also shined a light on the highly controversial realism of mental health.

This was followed by a short memorial slide-show piece announcing the upcoming Ghostwalk Tours that took place last October in downtown Overton and which was also put on by Notrevo Productions.

The last films at each of the screenings were made by last year’s Drama program at Moapa Valley High School (MVHS).

“We decided to combine the community theater productions with these high school theater productions to help support each other,” said Kenna Higgins who is also the Drama teacher at MVHS. “This worked out better and it really helped bring the community together.”

The 5 pm screening featured a film called “The Complaint Room” with a cast of only three. The actors were Laurana Bush, Cara Mills and Celeste Jorgensen. The film had the three actors cycling through the plot as different characters entering a “Complaint Room” to register their complaints about life.

It took a long time and a lot of complaining, but eventually a turn in the plot took place and one problem was actually solved. This stopped the cycle and brought each complainer back through the room to solve the other person’s previous problem. Eventually all problems were solved.

The 8 pm MVHS production featured a film was entitled “Murder at the Art Show.” Featuring Max Shambough, Sydney Landini, Julia Hardy, and more, this film was a murder mystery with quite a few twists.

Besides the film showings, they also held a fundraiser raffle for a variety of prizes. A number of items were also available for a silent auction as well. These fundraisers were to help with upcoming Moapa Valley Theatre productions, including the Haunted Ghostwalk Tours.

“It has been very successful, especially for the first film festival,” stated MVCT member Kim Riisnaes while celebrating with raised pumping fists.

The group will be doing more film festivals. “We will definitely make it an annual thing,” said Higgins. “Who knows we may do it more than yearly.”

Notrevo Productions is doing casting calls and auditions for parts for upcoming productions.
“Thank you everyone who helped out from businesses, people, supporters, and more,” said Higgins.

Higgins expressed special appreciation to the Moapa Valley Television District for donating funds for some of the video equipment used by Notrevo. “We appreciate their support in that,” she said.

All of the films will be available on the Moapa Valley Television District local channel. DVDs of the films are available through the MVCT. Those interested in a DVD can make a request by emailing Or by contacting Higgins at Moapa Valley High School.

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