Mesquite Chamber Members Explore New Bus Routes

A group of local business owners and community leaders got a free bus tour around Mesquite on Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 18. The Mesquite Chamber of Commerce partnered up with Silver Rider, City of Mesquite, and the Redevelopment Agency to introduce the group to a new series of bus routes in the Silver Rider system which now include additional existing businesses and a few that are under construction.

The attendees enjoyed a brown bag lunch on the bus, provided by Hole Foods Bakery and hosted by the Chamber.

Silver Rider Executive Director Michael Jackson acted as tour guide along the route. Jackson gave information about the new Silver Rider routes. He specifically pointed out the many new enclosed and solar lighted bus stops along the way.

The new routes can transport local workers, who may not have vehicles of their own, to their workplaces. The new routes go by the Primex plant, the Mesquite Police station, Eagle’s Landing, Deep Roots, and the commercial center.

Jackson also emphasized that the Silver Rider is a public transportation system. All riders are welcome, not just seniors. Kids ages 11 and under must be accompanied by an adult. The bus line does offer special services for seniors and the disabled.

Jackson pointed out that the new routes will better accommodate new businesses being built in the community. The bus will go by the new Bark! Dog Park, Danielle’s Chocolates new warehouse facility, and the new business soon to be under construction for the manufacturing of Hawaiian Food Carts.

There will also be a stop by the new Richmond American Homes now under construction.
The bus service is even offering some incentives to local users to try it out, Jackson said.
“We have partnered with local business and given them one-month free passes to hand out to new hires and needy employees,” Jackson said.

Mesquite Deputy City Manager Martine Green was on board the tour to further familiarize the group of businesses and property owners with the City’s Redevelopment Agency (RDA) Strategy for Downtown Central Business Districts 902 and 903.

Green specified where the downtown RDA area is, and the different sectors within that area. The RDA gives priority funding to redevelopment parcels within the downtown Central Business Districts, Green said. For specifics of those districts, an RDA Map can be obtained at city hall, she said.

Green explained that the Mesquite City Council had limited current RDA projects to the Urban Corridor Sector south of Interstate 15.
The City Manager’s office handles the RDA project applications, Green said.

RDA funds may be used to update signage, or build facades, remodel or rehabilitate existing buildings and help with new construction, she added.

Green emphasized that the City wants to help improve and beautify properties in the RDA areas to bring a more appealing look to the City’s main commercial corridor.

“We have money, come and see me, or give me a call,” Green said. “I can help you. The application process is extremely easy, I can’t stress that enough.”

Chamber CEO and President Carol Kolson was pleased with the tour and with the forward-thinking cooperation offered by Silver Rider toward local businesses.

“This is a good partnership and it benefits the business sector and citizens of Mesquite,” she said.
Kolson also expressed appreciation to Hole Foods Bakery for providing the brown bag lunches for the tour.

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